Have you ever wondered where cranial sacral therapy, hypnotherapy, and meditation intersect and how they can serve you?  If we are acting 95% of the time from our subconscious, how can we make a shift or a meaningful personal change in our lives? Mary Welp, CranioSacral and Hypnotherapistis, is our guest this week. She has been in private practice doing bodywork and hypnosis for 20 years.

In today’s episode, you will hear about Mary’s experience with her clients and how she’s coupled hypnotherapy with meditation. This has been so successful with her clients that Mary has created a program called RISE and shares the four steps any of us can take to create meaningful change and reach peak performance.

Here are three reasons you should listen to the complete episode:

Discover how expert, Mary Welp, has successfully combined hypnotherapy with meditation for her clients.
Learn how and when you’ll know it’s your time to RISE.
Mary shares the four steps to her program, RISE, and how you can implement them to create personal change.
Episode Highlights
Mary’s Experience

Raised her children and then became a pastry chef.
Knew there was so much more for her.
Mary explains her come-to-Jesus moment and how that canapaulted her into her work today.
What is cranial sacral therapy?

Our minds and bodies are so overstimulated that sometimes they need to be reset.
This therapy brings the body to a “still point” where we settle into the body, mind, and spirit.
It’s similar to a computer re-boot. When it’s turned back on, everything is running properly.
Hypnotherapy & Meditation

Mary defines hypnotherapy: when you dive into the subconscious mind and you shift a programming.
Meditation is the quieting of the mind.
She likes to put these two things together by creating a visuliation to make a change.
How do you know if you can benefit from the RISE program?

Are you feeling like enough is enough?
Have you thought this just can’t go on?
Are you truly ready to start to make a change?
What RISE stands for?

R = Relax. Mary takes you through a progressive deep body relaxation which takes the wall down between the conscious and the subconscious mind.
I = Imagine. Mary helps you use your senses to visualize a safe space for you to do this work. This is how we learn and change.
S = Suggest. Going into the subconscious through affirmations, visualization, and anchoring. Mary explains that what we create is how the brain can process and it really understands these stories really quickly.
E = Empower. Strike your favorite super hero pose. Doing this daily for 120 seconds has been proven to makes shifts both physically and chemically.
Practice makes the process

It will take some practice to get used to moving yourself through RISE but once you’ve done it and you’re more comfortable with it, you can more easily do this regardless of where you are.
Mary shares her RISE story while at a restaurant.  
What Mary wants to be remembered for

She is proud that her book will live past her and that is how people will remember her.
Mary will be remembered for generations to come for helping bring RISE to people.
Powerful Quotes

(20:45) – “Once you set that intention of I am done, and I want something better. Your body, your mind, and your spirit wants that for you. It’s going to send you there, it’s going to make it happen. But it’s really setting that intention.”
(24:09) – “When they start peeling away the layers … they kind of free themselves of that. And by freeing themselves, I really mean by they see it and they accept it and say okay, I have been doing that. But I don’t want to do that anymore. Then again it really, the shift happens pretty quickly.”
About Mary
Mary Welp is a CranioSacral and Hypnotherapist living in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband Jim.  She has been in private practice doing bodywork and hypnosis for 20 years. Since the pandemic, she has begun teaching RISE Hypnotic Meditation to help bring meaningful change to people’s lives.

She has worked with a nonprofit involving returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as served on the board of LinkUp, offering assistance to those who have dealt with clergy abuse and related trauma.

She is proud to tell you of her two children Ben and LauraRose as well as her granddaughters Jane and Middy. She enjoys hiking, travel, and yoga. Mary travels teaching RISE Hypnotic Meditation throughout the country.

Mentioned Resources:
Mary’s Book on Amazon: Rise Hypnotic Meditation

Connect with Mary:
Website: https://www.risehypnoticmeditation.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-welp-435b81227/

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